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Official Products Have Landed at Something Geeky!

It’s been on the horizon for a while now and the nerds over at Something Geeky insanely excited as they’ve finally starting stocking THE most awesome official products! You don’t need to be a fully-fledged, thick rim glasses, pocket protector, computer geek to appreciate these tees and jackets either – granted they’ve got some pretty old school Judge Dredd and Star Trek stuff, but they’ve also got Angry Birds (Star Wars edition, obviously!) and American Dad 😀

SW teeamerican dad

Now you can see why everyone’s so excited – when we said THE most awesome, we meant it! These aren’t just official products that have some microscopic superhero emblem in the corner, or a character catchphrase across the middle – they are huge, bold, high quality prints worthy of Spock himself! The designs range from retro looking comic style illustrations (below right), to stunning new movie image designs (below left).

prmetheusbig deal batman

Not only have they managed to stock amazing t-shirts, they’re also selling raglan baseball tees (below left), hoodies, sweatshirts and varsity jackets (below right)! There’s seriously not enough room on one blog to fit in all the amazing products that are on offer, so you need to get over there and check them out for yourself!

dredd raglanST varsity

*Although the majority of these products are available to buy right now, there are a couple of Star Wars and Star Trek tees that are only available to pre-order for now but Something Geeky expect them to be stocked from the 18th June so get your orders in! 😀


Kids T-shirts are Loco for Cinco De Mayo!

We are all aware that the world is becoming more and more multi-cultural; with the increase in people travelling and migrating to other countries, we’ve seen all kinds of cultural traditions and lifestyles being passed on all around the globe. It is now the norm to go for an Indian or Chinese meal with your family in Britain, or go out for drinks for St. Patricks Day even when you don’t have an ounce of Irish in you! We’re all for this big melting pot of cultures that our communities are becoming, and so this year we’re going to be celebrating the Mexican-American holiday ‘Cinco De Mayo’ which is held annually on May 5th!

cinco festival

While a lot of people have heard of this special day, they often confuse it with Mexican Independence Day which is actually September 16th. Cinco De Mayo celebrates the day in 1862 when the under-equipped Mexican army defeated Napoleon III’s French army, who at the time were considered to be the most powerful fighting force in the world! Although you’d think this day would be celebrated widely across Mexico, it is actually a more celebrated event for Americans. If the battle had not been won by the Mexicans, it would have meant a totally different outcome of the American Civil War. Due to this, and the fact that so many Mexicans moved into the South-West of America after the battle, the day is mostly celebrated in America where the country is scattered with colourful parades and huge street parties!

To help you all join in the festivities, Kids T-shirts have come up with a bunch of awesome Cinco De Mayo and Mexican themed t-shirts which are perfect for a day of Mexican food and activities! They’ll also be posting up fun things to do and make on the Facebook so dig out your sombrero and get ready to party! 😀

cinco skullcinco jalcinco cactcinco mug

A Day wEARTH Supporting!

Over the years, we have all become more and more involved in being ‘green’; with the introduction of wide-spread home recycling, cycling to work campaigns, and even the little things like using energy saving light bulbs! We are all aware of the effects of our bad habits but we don’t always choose to make the changes to help work towards a more ‘healthy’ planet. So, the lovely people at Kids T-shirts are helping to spread awareness of International Earth Day which is held on the 22nd April each year, with people from over 192 countries taking part in all kinds of fund raising events focused on tackling environmental issues.

Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the day, Kids T-shirts will be using their Facebook page to bring you loads of different ways you can get involved, and give you a bunch of fun activities for you and your kids to do to help make a difference – just like this:

How about instead of throwing those old bits of Lego away, your kids use them to make one of these awesome key holders?! 😀 (we know we’ll be digging out whatever we can find when we get home!)

lego keys                                lego keys 2

They’ve also got a couple of new t-shirts on the website suitable for the whole family to turn you from energy zappers to eco warriors! 😀

talk trashsave earthearth dayearth day 2


So make sure you follow the Kids T-Shirts Facebook and do your bit for International Earth Day! 😀

Dino-shores in the Isle of Wight!

It was recently discovered that a young girl’s findings from a recreational dig on the beaches of the Isle of Wight turned out to be a previously undiscovered species of Pterosaur! What’s even cooler, is that the species was named ‘Vectidraco daisymorrisae’ after the girl (Daisy Morris) who was just 5 years old at the time she found it! Since then the orders for dino-tees have been flooding in at Kids T-Shirts, so the designers have been working themselves to the bone to bring you some amazing new Jurassic designs!


dinomiterawnt-rex lovetriceratops

There are a small range on the site right now but the rest will be going live this week so keep your eyes peeled and hunt them down them before they’re extinct 🙂



Slogans fit for a geek!

Something Geeky followers may have noticed a flood of new slogan tees of late, and they just keep getting better and better! So much so, we HAD to share some with you just in case you’ve let them slip off your radar! Trust us, they’re worth having a peek at…

For those of you thinking “Hmmmph just another cheesy slogan” – think again! Our geeks have been working hard to bring you the best TV, movie and gaming slogans you’ll find on the net!

wasd teebuilt this city teezod teemushroom tee



There’s even a cheeky little review of SimCity 2013 in the product description of the ‘We Built This City..’ tee, straight from the fingers of one of our geeks. So, all you sandbox and planner simulation gamers – go and take a look and see if you agree 🙂

You can also keep up to date on all the latest Something Geeky designs by looking here!


Go Team Geeky!

After a whole year of the spotlight being on Britain in 2012 with the Olympics and the Royal Wedding, we thought we’d freshen it up and bring you a bit of USA style, fresh for 2013! We’ve had our eye on these awesome Varsity jackets for a while now, so we are majorly excited to announce that they are now on our Something Geeky site!

We’ve even given you the option to add a chenille letter of your choice to the front of your jacket so you can really make it your own! Here are just a few, but there are 15 different colours to get your hands on so don’t forget to take a look at them all…

burgundy varsityjacketblack varsityblue varsity


Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!


8-bit Flowers… This one is for the old school gamers!

Ahh we remember the good old days, hours were spent playing on Mario, whether it be on the original Gameboy (God bless that brick on a games console) or on the Nes. If we are honest, out of all the games, it is the one we love the most, it brings back good memories after all. We we have taken some of the more noticeable parts of the game and worked them into our products (wahoo!)

Who can forget the flowers that used to bob away in the background? Well we have got those now in all their glory on our products! So relive your childhood days with our Flowery Mario friends!

Available now from our good friends over on Something Geeky.

Mother’s Day Tee’s @Kid’s_T-shirts!

Mother’s Day is almost upon us (it is the 10th of March for all those who have forgotten ) so our designers have been hard at work to produce some new designs suitable for your mum!

So if your stuck for a present, why not purchase one of our t-shirts? They are the ideal gift!

Feeling Nerdy?

Over at Something Geeky we are feeling all Nerdy… But not the usual type of Nerdy. This time we are feeling Periodic Table kind of Nerdy! So if you love Science and the Periodic Table you will this design that combines the two! Grab yours now from the Something Geeky site on a variety of bases!

20% off EVERYTHING at Kid’s T-shirts! Woooo :)

Here is a little offer to say thank you to you, our fantastic customers. We are taking 20% off everything on the Kid’s T-shirt site for the next 30 days! For the entire month of February you can get your kids some super cool tees, with a nice saving to to go with.

Even more, if you are a UK customer you will also get a free delivery! We certainly are spoiling you!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your 20% off tee’s now!