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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Say hello to Mr Zombie

We do love a Zombie-fied character over at Something Geeky so what better way is there show our appreciation for our Zombie friends than with a take on the classic children’s favourite, Mr Men! Yes that is right, we have gone in for the mash-up and Zombied up a Mr Men!

Fans of Mr Men will love this Zombie twist with our character looking slightly worse for wear, there is abit of brain sticking out, a little blood and some rather mangled shoes! We think that he looks pretty cool and have made this design available over a variety of bases, from kid’s to adults.

Grab you Mr Zombie item now!


Tee of the Week has landed…

Here at Big Mouth Clothing we do like to treat you guys, and so we have decided to introduce the £8 Tee of the Week! Every Thursday we will give you, the customer, the chance to decide what t-shirt you would like to see as the £8 Tee of the Week. You can do this by going on our Something Geeky Facebook page and voting for your t-shirt of choice there. 24 hours later on the Friday we will pick the most popular t-shirt and that will be the one on offer for an entire week!

This week, we have picked the first t-shirt the Stargate Earth Address and it is now available to purchase for the bargain price of £8! Make sure you purchase yours now!


The infamous Banksy Rat

Anyone who is familiar with the works of Banksy will know that he likes to include rats in his street art pieces. They are an easy way to recognise if a piece of street art is in fact Banksy’s and we think it is pretty cool that he sticks up for the underdog!

At our site Banksy T-shirt we feature many items which show the imfamous Rats getting up to all sorts of mischief. So why not get yourself a slice of the action and purchase one of these designs? They are available on a variety of bases including hoodies, t-shirts and tote bags so you can find the best one for you!


What kid doesn’t like to play dress up?!

Lots of children love to play dress up, whether it be raiding their mum’s jewelry box and sticking on a pair of high heels to act ‘grown up’ or perhaps they like to pretend they are the next action man and roll around in the dirt for that authentic action hero look.

Whatever style of dress up your little one likes to play, at our site Kid’s T-shirts, we have designed a range of dress up designs so their can play to their hearts content! There are plenty to choose from, dinosaurs to sheriff and in this suitably cold weather, a penguin!

T-shirts are priced at £9.99 so they won’t break the bank and your child will get to look super cool!

You Looked Better on Facebook… Apparently :D

It is the social networking issue that most of us try to avoid. Your on Facebook, your searching through profiles and find someone of the fairer sex that you think looks pretty nice. Yet when you meet that person, well they look nothing like their profile picture! In an age of photoshop and image editing on your mobile people can use a little jiggery pokery to make their profile image look, well, nothing like them!

This is why we have developed this new design which does exactly what it says on the tin ‘You Looked Better on Facebook‘. So if you feel you need to make a point about those that don’t look as good as they do on Facebook, why not purchase this design which is available on a variety of bases and spread the message!

Banksy Tote Bags

Every girl needs a bag to carry all their bits and pieces in on a daily basis so why not treat yourself to one of these funky Banksy inspired tote bags?

There is plenty of different ones to choose from whatever your taste, whether it be the Banksy Rats, the designs dedicated to promoting peace or the new classic English styles. As always they are available to purchase in plenty of different colours, and with a capacity of 10 litres there is plenty of space in them for you to carry your things around in!

The tote bags are priced at £5.99 and are available from our Banksy T-shirts site, so they won’t break the bank either! Get shopping!

Geek, Dork, Dweeb, Nerd… Which one are you?

We love a cheeky slogan t-shirt here at Big Mouth Clothing so we are pleased to introduce to you our brand new range of t-shirts and sweatshirts! These ones are not like your usual designs however, these ones are all about being dorky, geeky, dweebish or even nerdy!

Fancy yourself as a bit of a dork? Then we have the sweatshirt to let everyone know about it. Maybe you know someone who is a complete dweeb? We have the ideal gift for them! Whatever your style is, we have something suitable for you. Our t-shirts come in at a very reasonable £12.99 or if you fancy something a little warmer, how about treating yourself to a sweatshirt for £20.99? All designs are available from our sister site, Something Geeky, so make sure your check them out there!

Beat the January Blues with our Mug Promotion!

Feeling a bit of the January blues? Bored at being back at work already? Well we have a new promotion that might just help!

For a limited time only, when you purchase any adult t-shirt, adult hoodie or sweatshirt, across our Something Geeky and Banksy T-shirts site, you’ll get a free mug of the same design! If the design you’ve chosen isn’t available on a mug, don’t panic – you’ll receive a limited edition Something Geeky or Banksy T-shirts mug instead!

We hope this help combat the January blues!

Christmas Returns Policy

Firstly a very Happy New Year to you all! We hope you have all enjoyed a fantastic Christmas and New Year full of merriment, family time and of course lovely presents!  For any of our customers that purchased a gift from one of our Big Mouth Clothing sites, it may be the case that item is not quite right and you may need to return or exchange it (although we really hope you don’t).

If this is the case, then don’t panic! We have extend our returns policy to ensure that you can return or exchange your item up until the 20th of January. To return items to their respected sites, please follow these guidelines:

Something Geeky – Please click here.

Banksy T-shirts – Please click here.

Kid’s T-shirt – Please click here.

As always please state whether you would like an exchange or refund along with your order number. We will then provide you with the necessary information to ensure we can process your item promptly.

Happy Returning/Exchanging!