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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Slogans fit for a geek!

Something Geeky followers may have noticed a flood of new slogan tees of late, and they just keep getting better and better! So much so, we HAD to share some with you just in case you’ve let them slip off your radar! Trust us, they’re worth having a peek at…

For those of you thinking “Hmmmph just another cheesy slogan” – think again! Our geeks have been working hard to bring you the best TV, movie and gaming slogans you’ll find on the net!

wasd teebuilt this city teezod teemushroom tee



There’s even a cheeky little review of SimCity 2013 in the product description of the ‘We Built This City..’ tee, straight from the fingers of one of our geeks. So, all you sandbox and planner simulation gamers – go and take a look and see if you agree šŸ™‚

You can also keep up to date on all the latest Something Geeky designs by looking here!


Go Team Geeky!

After a whole year of the spotlight being on Britain in 2012 with the Olympics and the Royal Wedding, we thought we’d freshen it up and bring you a bit of USA style, fresh for 2013! We’ve had our eye on these awesome Varsity jackets for a while now, so we are majorly excited to announce that they are now on our Something Geeky site!

We’ve even given you the option to add a chenille letter of your choice to the front of your jacket so you can really make it your own! Here are just a few, but there are 15 different colours to get your hands on so don’t forget to take a look at them all…

burgundy varsityjacketblack varsityblue varsity


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8-bit Flowers… This one is for the old school gamers!

Ahh we remember the good old days, hours were spent playing on Mario, whether it be on the original Gameboy (God bless that brick on a games console) or on the Nes. If we are honest, out of all the games, it is the one we love the most, it brings back good memories after all. We we have taken some of the moreĀ noticeableĀ parts of the game and worked them into our products (wahoo!)

Who can forget the flowers that used to bob away in the background? Well we have got those now in all their glory on our products! So relive your childhood days with our Flowery Mario friends!

Available now from our good friends over on Something Geeky.