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8-bit Flowers… This one is for the old school gamers!

Ahh we remember the good old days, hours were spent playing on Mario, whether it be on the original Gameboy (God bless that brick on a games console) or on the Nes. If we are honest, out of all the games, it is the one we love the most, it brings back good memories after all. We we have taken some of the more noticeable parts of the game and worked them into our products (wahoo!)

Who can forget the flowers that used to bob away in the background? Well we have got those now in all their glory on our products! So relive your childhood days with our Flowery Mario friends!

Available now from our good friends over on Something Geeky.

Mother’s Day Tee’s @Kid’s_T-shirts!

Mother’s Day is almost upon us (it is the 10th of March for all those who have forgotten ) so our designers have been hard at work to produce some new designs suitable for your mum!

So if your stuck for a present, why not purchase one of our t-shirts? They are the ideal gift!

Feeling Nerdy?

Over at Something Geeky we are feeling all Nerdy… But not the usual type of Nerdy. This time we are feeling Periodic Table kind of Nerdy! So if you love Science and the Periodic Table you will this design that combines the two! Grab yours now from the Something Geeky site on a variety of bases!

20% off EVERYTHING at Kid’s T-shirts! Woooo :)

Here is a little offer to say thank you to you, our fantastic customers. We are taking 20% off everything on the Kid’s T-shirt site for the next 30 days! For the entire month of February you can get your kids some super cool tees, with a nice saving to to go with.

Even more, if you are a UK customer you will also get a free delivery! We certainly are spoiling you!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your 20% off tee’s now!

£1 Fish, Ladies’ come and get your £1 fish!

Oh my. Who knew that a singing market stall holder could make it into the charts? Or who thought a song about selling fish for a quid could go so viral?

While this is exactly what happened when a certain fellow started singing about his fish wares in the East End of London. He was caught by a passerby videoing on a mobile phone and was soon snapped up by a record company to release the song ‘Come get your £1 Fish’. Well this music genre is not really our cup of tea we do have to admit that it makes us chuckle. So for this reason, our sister site at Something Geeky came up with a design based on the singing sensation. These can now be purchased from the Something Geeky site, so if you can’t get enough of the £1 Fish, get yours now!

P.S Forgot about the video…? Never fear, check the link here!

Grab your Valentine themed tee of the week!

It is that time again, there is a new £8 tee of the week! This time we thought we would go with a theme. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner we gave our lovely Facebook users the chance to pick between a variety of romantic themed geek t-shirts. There was a runaway winner on this one, with the Pacman with a Heart being the most popular!

This t-shirt is now available to buy in a variety of different colours for the bargain price of just £8! Grab yours now before the offer ends at the end of this week!

This is one for the (non) Lovers!


This is a blog for all you (non) lovers out there. Maybe you love Valentine’s Day; you enjoy buying flowers, chocolates, gifts etc, for a loved one. Or maybe you darn well hate it!

Whatever your opinion we have a couple of designs available on our Kid’s T-shirts site perfect for the Valentine’s period! Maybe you want to tell your Daddy that you really love him or perhaps proclaim your love for your favourite popstar. If you are single, that is certainly not a problem. We have a design suitable for all.

Either way, have an amazing day!

Say hello to Mr Zombie

We do love a Zombie-fied character over at Something Geeky so what better way is there show our appreciation for our Zombie friends than with a take on the classic children’s favourite, Mr Men! Yes that is right, we have gone in for the mash-up and Zombied up a Mr Men!

Fans of Mr Men will love this Zombie twist with our character looking slightly worse for wear, there is abit of brain sticking out, a little blood and some rather mangled shoes! We think that he looks pretty cool and have made this design available over a variety of bases, from kid’s to adults.

Grab you Mr Zombie item now!


Tee of the Week has landed…

Here at Big Mouth Clothing we do like to treat you guys, and so we have decided to introduce the £8 Tee of the Week! Every Thursday we will give you, the customer, the chance to decide what t-shirt you would like to see as the £8 Tee of the Week. You can do this by going on our Something Geeky Facebook page and voting for your t-shirt of choice there. 24 hours later on the Friday we will pick the most popular t-shirt and that will be the one on offer for an entire week!

This week, we have picked the first t-shirt the Stargate Earth Address and it is now available to purchase for the bargain price of £8! Make sure you purchase yours now!