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Official Products Have Landed at Something Geeky!

It’s been on the horizon for a while now and the nerds over at Something Geeky insanely excited as they’ve finally starting stocking THE most awesome official products! You don’t need to be a fully-fledged, thick rim glasses, pocket protector, computer geek to appreciate these tees and jackets either – granted they’ve got some pretty old school Judge Dredd and Star Trek stuff, but they’ve also got Angry Birds (Star Wars edition, obviously!) and American Dad 😀

SW teeamerican dad

Now you can see why everyone’s so excited – when we said THE most awesome, we meant it! These aren’t just official products that have some microscopic superhero emblem in the corner, or a character catchphrase across the middle – they are huge, bold, high quality prints worthy of Spock himself! The designs range from retro looking comic style illustrations (below right), to stunning new movie image designs (below left).

prmetheusbig deal batman

Not only have they managed to stock amazing t-shirts, they’re also selling raglan baseball tees (below left), hoodies, sweatshirts and varsity jackets (below right)! There’s seriously not enough room on one blog to fit in all the amazing products that are on offer, so you need to get over there and check them out for yourself!

dredd raglanST varsity

*Although the majority of these products are available to buy right now, there are a couple of Star Wars and Star Trek tees that are only available to pre-order for now but Something Geeky expect them to be stocked from the 18th June so get your orders in! 😀